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Behind every mask, there is a story exhibition

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Behind Every Mask There is a Story is the 10-year anniversary exhibition of the eco-conscious and contemporary fashion brand Burlesque Tsunami (2012), a multi-level and internationally acknowledged hybrid brand known as a front runner in ecological and experimental fashion design. The exhibition introduces a creative design utopia to Helsinki city residents and visitors with carefully selected unique fashion pieces by Burlesque Tsunami. The exhibition takes place from July 1st to July 28th 2022 in the office space of Et May.


Burlesque Tsunami - a contemporary fashion brand -  is a pioneer in Finnish sustainable design by utilising circular economy aspects in creative ways. 

Burlesque Tsunami was founded 2012 by Riina Salmi, the head designer and Creative Director of the brand. Salmi creates and visualizes today’s and tomorrow’s sustainable fashion out of recycled clothing and accessories through innovation and experimentation. 

Salmi’s experience in multi-level artistic work and predicting future trends in sustainable design space space over a decade in Helsinki, Finland. She is a visionary in the field of arts and fashion design and her work has been noted in international publications. 

In 2021 Riina Salmi relocated her studio and showroom to Lahti from Helsinki and is currently working from Stefa Textiles’ premises. Stefa Textiles has a strong and long lined history in Finnish textile industry since the 1970’s. Together with the owner Aira Ikävalko and former banker and a long-time collaborator of Burlesque Tsunami Tuula Halen, Salmi has been developing a fresh concept called FutureVintage, which combines new and old design innovatively. This ambitious project marks the exciting beginning of the next decade of Burlesque Tsunami. 


Location: Et May, Kallio

Kirstinkatu 8, 00510 Helsinki

Date: 1 - 28.7.2022

BQT-10V näyttely.png

Clothes and accessories -  Burlesque Tsunami
Black & white bucket hat: Annukka Havukumpu
Retro bags and belts - Stefa Textiles 

Anatomia chair - Tuula Halen, private design collection



Riina Salmi - Designer, Producer

Linda Kurkio - Visualist

Saara Oinonen - Graphic Designer

Keiko Osada - Communications Manager

Anni Hapuoja - Architect, Co-Producer

Lucas Sene - Photographer


Stefa Textiles
Et May

Nokkos Company


BQT 10 Year Exhibition

Et May, a service architecture & design agency, serves to build a more sustainable world from the frameworks of design thinking and urban planning activism, and loves to collaborate with creative networks that enhance social and cultural sustainability. Et May was selected as the location and collaborator for the exhibition project due to their shared values with the brand of Burlesque Tsunami. The aim of the experimental collaboration is to provide new value to the vacant space by sharing it for the enjoyment of people.

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