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Riina Salmi

Riina identifies herself as a lifelong learner. "Truly crazy fashion artista" as she describes. Values driven visionary. A futurist and Forbes USA featured fashion designer from Helsinki, Finland.


Riina believes that we all are seeing and experiencing a profound global change within all of our values on the planet Earth.


Riina founded the artwear brand Burlesque Tsunami in 2012.


Burlesque Tsunami began as a contemporary art project constantly looking out for the next manifestation. This all is created by exploring alternative, more ethical and ecological practices within the fashion world. At the moment Burlesque Tsunami is converting to be a more commercial fashion platform through communal artistic co-creation.

The key elements inspiring Riina's work are: Creating a playground to participate in creating and building a sustainable future.


Riina's deep belief is that to reach the highest potential as humans, the humanity needs to be constantly seeking new ways to create the most positive impact in the structures that our societies and business environments are built with.



Co-founder - Fuusio Learning

Fashion Curator - WAGBNET

Women Artists Born Global Network 

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Based in

Helsinki, Finland

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