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Photos: Niko Tuononen


Burlesque Tsunami began as a one-woman-street-fashion-project.  The brain child of Riina Salmi from Helsinki, Finland.  Riina has had the passion for recycled leather, post-consumer waste and upcycled fashion design and a very fresh new way of community-co-created fashion design. 

Burlesque Tsunami combines local fashion, ecological and ethical ways of doing and artistic feel and looks.


All the Burlesque Tsunami clothes and accessories are made in Helsinki, personally By Riina and collaborating with other visionary local artists, skilled craftspeople and carefully selected companies.


The collection of Burlesque Tsunami is a mix of made to order clothing and accessories - also tailored and unique sets that are made exclusively for fashion shows.

Burlesque Tsunami has collaborated with performing musical artists and street art crews in making special outfits for their performances and shows.


The works of Burlesque Tsunami have been presented at Helsinki Fashion Week and Helsinki Design Week.

Helsinki Fashion Week took Burlesque Tsunami further to Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Russia in 2015.

Multidisciplinary art collaboration

Burlesque Tsunami has collaborated with various artists in different art forms. This has the potential to enrich the beauty and depth in the arts of all the participants.

Photos: Saija Franssila

Sustainability & ecological impact

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Burlesque Tsunami uses time and considerable effort to think through how to use sustainably recycled clothes or upcycled materials when designing clothing and contemporary fashion


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Photos: Liam Doan
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